The process
  • All entries will be evaluated by a jury comprising eminent personalities from different fields.

  • After studying all the entries, the jury will arrive at a short-list of the most promising applicants.
       The jury will consider nominees:
       * who have sufficient proof of a successful achievement
       * with a continuing pursuit of excellence in the field
       * having a deep commitment to the chosen field

  • Short-listed applicants will be invited to a personal interview in Bangalore, during which they will be required to make a presentation about their achievement/s.

  • Travel and accommodation costs for out-station applicants will be provided by the organisers. (In the event that a team entry is short-listed, only two team members will be provided with travel and hospitality facilities).

  • The jury will make its final recommendations following completion of all the interviews / presentations.

  • The results will be announced at an Awards Ceremony (Date will be announced later).
Everything has beauty
but not everyone sees it.
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