1. About the achievement / award

2. Sending in the application / application process

3. Supporting documents

4. Team entry

5. Nomination

6. The awards function



1. About the achievement / award

  • How recent should my achievement be?
    Your achievement could have been realised anytime in the last 16-28 years.

  • Are there any awards for 2nd and 3rd places?
    No, there will be no 2nd and 3rd place awards. There will be a single Young Achiever Award, with no runners-up awards.

  • How many awards will be given out?
    A single award of Rs 100,000 will be given for an outstanding achievement by an individual (or a team), after judging all entries received across the different areas of achievement. There are no separate awards for different fields of endeavour.

  • Is this a competition?
    No, this is not a competition, but an effort to recognise and encourage the proven and demonstrable outstanding achievement/s of an individual (or a team). The application form is merely the means to get to know the applicant and the achievement.

  • Could the achievement/s be in an area not specified in the list?
    Yes, individuals (or teams) with a significant achievement in any other domain of endeavour are eligible to send in their applications. The list given by us is only indicative.

  • Is the award recognised by the Government?
    No, this award is not recognised by the Government. It has been instituted by Rotary Bangalore Midtown and the Brigade Group, as an effort to recognise and encourage young achievers.

  • Who can apply? Is anyone ineligible?
    Eligibility: Entry / application is open to individuals / teams:

    * Who are currently residing in the state of Karnataka
    (You could belong to any linguistic group but must have been
    a resident of Karnataka for atleast a period of 6 months)

    * Who are currently between 16-28 years of age

    * Who have sufficient proof of a demonstrable achievement

    Ineligibility: Organisers and their family members, are not eligible to apply.

  • Can I nominate my sibling who has talent but hasn't received the rightful scope or recognition?
    No. This is not a talent search. This is an effort to recognise past achievements that can be demonstrated and/or proven. However, you may apply if your sibling has ovecome the lack of exposure, scope and recognition to make demonstrable achievements.

  • I am disabled/under-privileged and need support. Can I apply?
    If you have made substantial achievements that are proven and demonstrable, you certainly can apply. However, the Young Achiever award is NOT a charitable initiative for the support and upliftment of the underprivileged.

2. Sending in the application / application process

  • Who will judge the entries?
    A jury comprising eminent personalities from different fields, reputed for their contributions and experience in their domains, will judge the entries.

  • When will the short-list be announced? How?
    Only short-listed applicants will be personally notified by telephone or email.

  • Will out-station applicants who are invited to make presentations be reimbursed for the expenses they will incur?
    Yes, short-listed out-station applicants will be reimbursed for travel and hospitality expenses they will incur, as will be detailed in personal communication with them. In the case of team entries, travel and hospitality expenses for only TWO team members will be provided by the organisers.

  • What happens if I cannot, for some reason, attend the interviews and/or the awards function?
    Whether you are an individual or a team, it would be imperative that you attend the interview. In the case of the awards function, you could nominate a representative to attend in your place.

  • How long should my presentation be? What exactly should it cover?
    The presentation can be approximately 15 minutes.

3. Supporting documents

  • What supporting documents do I need to send along with my application?
    These are some of the documents you must attach with your application (this is apart from any other documentation that is specifically related to your achievement):
         * Date of Birth certificate
           (birth certificate / school / college certificate)
         * Proof of identity (driver's license / passport / ration card etc)
         * Any other award certificates that your achievement
            may have won

  • Should I send in original documents and documentation along with my application?
    No, DO NOT send in any original documents. Please send in only copies of documents / documentation. The organisers are not responsible for the loss or damage of any documents sent along with the application. Please list all supporting documents you are enclosing in the appropriate space on the Application Form. Write your name and category on each supporting document, including CDs and photographs.

  • What other documentation can I send to support my achievement?
    Apart from the application form, you can send in documentation to support your achievement, that could include photocopies or copies of:
         * Certificates
         * Press clippings
         * Reports
         * Photographs
         * Video footage
         * Any other
    Do not send non-essential documents and a large number of photographs as proof of achievement. If we need further authentications / clarification, we will ask for specific documents at the next stage.

  • Will we have to bring any documents with us if we are short-listed?
    Short-listed applicants / teams may bring any further supporting documents that they require as part of the presentation they will make about their achievement.

4. Team entry

  • What is the maximum number of members a team can have?
    Each team can have a maximum of 5 members, all of whom must be between the age group of 16 - 28 years.

  • In the event that a team entry is short-listed, how many members will be present at the interview / presentation / awards ceremony?
    In the case of a team entry being short-listed, the team can be present for the interview / presentation, either as a whole or represented by 2 members. As stated earlier, the organisers will bear travel and accommodation costs for 2 members of the team.

  • How many individual applicants / teams will be present at the awards ceremony?
    The final short-listed individuals / teams will be invited to the awards ceremony. Travel and accommodation expenses for 2 team members—for both the interview/presentation and the awards function—will be borne by the organisers.

  • If a team wins, will each individual team member be presented with a separate awards?
    No, in the event that a team wins, the team as a whole will be presented with Rs 100,000 + a trophy and a citation. We have asked you to select a name for your team so that the trophy and citation can carry your unique team identification.

5. Nomination

  • Who can I nominate?
    You can nominate any deserving individual / team that has made a significant achievement, and is not likely to apply himself / themselves.

  • How many nominations can I make?
    You can make more than one nomination, but each on a separate application form with separate details and supporting documents.

  • As a nominator, what is my role in the application process?
    As a nominator, you must ensure that the individual / team you are nominating has made substantial, demonstrable achievement/s. You must fill in the application form, nominating the individual / team for the award, with accurate and adequate details about the individual / team and the achievement/s made.

  • Do the nominees have to know that they have been nominated? Do they have to agree to it in writing?
    You must ensure that the individual / team is aware of your nomination and complies with the rules and regulations, terms and conditions of the process of selecting the winner. Nominees will need to provide adequate details and documents about the achievement. Therefore they must be aware and agree to being nominated.

6. The awards function

  • Will the results be known before the function?
    No, the results will be announced, for the first time, at this function.

  • Will out-station candidates be reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses when they attend the function?
    In the case of teams that have been short-listed, the organisers will bear travel and accommodation expenses for 2 team members.

  • Can candidates who have not been short-listed attend the awards function? Will they be reimbursed too?
    Candidates who have not been short-listed may attend the awards function. They will NOT be reimbursed with travel and accommodation expenses.
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